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See Me As a Picture
From the 2012 Compilation See Me As a Picture
Written by Bret Alexander & The Badlees

The last two songs to discuss are both new songsas of 2012 and, as of this writing, we haven't performed either one live. "Promises" is your basic Badlees rock song in the tradition of "Middle Of The Busiest Road" or "Silly Little Man". Instead of getting into a discussion about this particular tune, I'd like to spend this entry (and the next - "Love Took My Soul") giving some overall thoughts to sum everything up.

First of all, over the last few weeks I have managed to cover songwriting, record production, label deals gone wrong, etc, etc. One thing about The Badlees I didn't talk much about is the band's rhythm section. Pete and I get alot of credit for what we do, as is usually the case with singers and guitar players. I think Pete would agree with that. But Paul and Ron are the foundation of the whole thing. A good drummer and bass player are crucial to any group.

Personality-wise they can be pretty crazy people, but when it comes time to make a record they are like monks. They keep walking the same path over and over until they get it right. The drummer is almost always the first one to get fired from a band, bass players run a close second. This is because they are the foundation of the band's music. If the foundation is crumbling, it doesn't matter how pretty the crown molding on the second floor is. The whole house is coming down.

Now, I've had the pleasure of working with alot of great bass players and drummers over the years. The thing that makes our rhythm section great is their humility. They serve the song, always. It's not about showing off. To be fair, it doesn't take a virtuoso to play our songs. But I would rather hear a great drummer and bass player laying down a solid groove to one simple song than 10,000 guitar solos. It is a work of art to behold. And it is not easy.

Last year I did a session with John Fogarty's piano player, an unbelievable musician and solo artist in his own right. Someone was talking to him and almost making fun of how simple Fogarty's music was and how that must be a drag to play all night. The pianist stopped him immediately and said "John's music doesn't require unbelievable chops. But it does require impeccable taste. That's why I got hired."

Bravo. That's how I feel about our guys. It doesn't take a boy genius to play our stuff. But it does take someone who can make great choices. You can't teach that shit.

   - Bret Alexander

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