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From the 2002 album Renew
Written by Bret Alexander & The Badlees

This was the first single off of Renew. The main riff may have been very, very loosely based on the Foo Fighters "Everlong". The 'B' section of this one has one of the band's most quoted lines "If memories had equity/I'd be a millionaire". I tried to put that line in about 3 songs before it found a home in "Hindsightseeing".

Around the same time we recorded this, Paul and I were producing a young modern rock band called Breaking Benjamin. They were making their first EP and the first single was a tune called "Polyamorous" - which might be a real word but at the time I thought Ben made it up. And I thought that was a cool idea, so I made up my own - Hindsightseeing. Taking a guided tour of your memories and trying to make sense of it all.

   - Bret Alexander

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