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"Maggie May"

Lit Riffs
From the 2004 soundtrack Lit Riffs
Written by Rod Stewart & Martin Quittenton

We did this cover of the Rod Stewart classic for an record called Lit Riffs. It was a companion CD to a short story collection where well known writers, critics, etc, took famous songs and wrote short stories based a song of their choosing.

The story about Maggie May was the only older work in the collection. It was written by Lester Bangs and was, to my knowledge, the inspiration for the collection in the first place.

I am pretty sure this was the first Badlees recording that did not have Jeff Feltenberger on it, the first thing we released after his departure. The song got a bit of airplay and we closed our shows with it for a while. It's just a great song any way you look at it.

   - Bret Alexander

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