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Diamonds In the Coal
From the 1992 album Diamonds In the Coal
Written by Bret Alexander & Mike Naydock

I don't believe this was the first single off of Diamonds In the Coal, but it was definitely a favorite live. We used to play "Brandy" in the middle of this one. This was our first full length record, so at that time we were doing a lot of that kind of thing to get people to listen to our originals.

This is an early collaboration between Mike Naydock and I. The theme of this tune always reminded me of a Van Morrison song. A bunch of young kids partying out by an old coal breaker and realizing full well that this may be the greatest summer of their lives.

The song "Diamonds In the Coal" was born out of a lyric in this song. Somewhere I still have the cassette demo of this track.

   - Bret Alexander

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