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"Last Great Act of Defiance"

It Ain't for You
From the 1990 EP It Ain't for You
Written by Bret Alexander & Mike Naydock

This was a collaboration with Mike Naydock, a very early one at that. "Defiance" is the only tune off of our first EP that we still play live from time to time. Mike came up with the title from that poster depicting a mouse flipping the bird to an eagle that is about to swoop down and eat him. This is just a really awesome working class sort of tune and it still sounds pretty decent to me.

The intro and outro riff was ripped from a song I wrote in high school but never recorded. This song fit Pete's voice real well and was the first example of our "roots rock anthem" style of writing that we have revisited tons of times over the years.

   - Bret Alexander

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