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"See Me As a Picture"

From the 2002 album Renew
Written by Bret Alexander & The Badlees

This is one of those tunes the band is really proud of. It's based on the concept that people get frozen in your memory the way they looked or acted like the last time you saw them. I read an interview with Paul Westerberg once where the interviewer asked him if he saw the other members of The Replacements often. Paul replied, "Not much. How much time do you spend with your friends from high school?" I always thought that was a brilliant answer.

When you play in a band for a long time, a lot of people want your music to stay the same. There is a nostalgic quality to it. That is counterintuitive for many musicians, myself included. You need to strike a balance between "follow your heart" and "give the people what they want".

There was a song on Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full record called "My Ever Present Past". I can only imagine what it must be like for Sir Paul. "I have become many things since I became a picture in your mind". That line sums up the whole tune. Although this song was never a single, the band made this the title track of our first best of collection.

We're very proud of this one.

   - Bret Alexander

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