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"Laugh to Keep from Cryin'"

The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time
From the 1993 album The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time
Written by The Badlees

This tune was on The Unfortunate Result Of Spare Time record, which I think would be unanimously agreed to be the band's least favorite record. There were good songs on there but we were at odds with where the band should go musically at the time. We worked with Jack Pyers as a producer for the first time and he taught us alot about the process of digging into the details of a song. But in the end the whole thing felt pretty forced.

"Laugh To Keep From Crying" was one of the tracks that worked though. It was a good combination of rock and jangle that we use to this day. Lots of harmonies, acoustic guitar, dulcimer and some decent electric guitar. I think the inspiration for this tune, at least the setting of the lyric, was "Sunday Morning Comin Down" by Kris Kristofferson.

It was probably the best precursor of what was to come with our next effort, River Songs.

   - Bret Alexander

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