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"Drive Back Home"

Love Is Rain
From the 2009 album Love Is Rain
Written by Bret Alexander

If you ever find yourself driving west on Route 6 around Tunkhannock and Towanda, Pennsylvania pop on "Drive Back Home" and look around. You will be able to see the backdrop for this song. It's a gorgeous ride. It's the road I take to get to my hometown of Canton, PA. It is the road I took to my father's funeral. It is literally the road that goes over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house.

"Drive Back Home" is my favorite song off of Love Is Rain and definitely one of my favorite Badlees songs ever. It was originally supposed to be about a soldier coming home from war. I remember my father talking about coming home in the Vietnam era and how emotional it was to see the "Welcome To Pennsylvania" sign. The last verse was inspired by a special I saw on TV where they were interviewing a veteran of the Normandy invasion. He was speaking about how "it was war" but in the end every one of the boys on that beach was some mother's child and a father's son.

By the time I finished the song it became much more universal in theme. I carried it around in my head for a long time before I wrote it down. Basically a song about your past and the ties that bind.

   - Bret Alexander

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