The Badlees The Badlees are a six piece rock band that have been creating and performing music since 1990. Pete Palladino (vocals), Bret Alexander (guitar), Paul Smith (bass) and Ron Simasek (drums) joined forces decades ago after a few happenstance introductions, that some would say, were driven by destiny. In 2009, guitarist Dustin Drevitch and violinist Nyke Van Wyk joined the band. Individually, The Badlees are very different on many levels, each coming to the table with unique personalities and musical influences. However, these differences are why The Badlees worked in the first place and hence, survived the ups and downs in the ever changing music industry. A true band is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and The Badlees are no exception.

In 1990, the band embarked on a journey that is currently in its 3rd decade of creating The Badlees sound. Along the way, the music business has seen its fair share of trends. The Badlees only focused on their own trend; making great music without regard to what is in vogue. Wrapping complex, thought-provoking lyrics in the rock band format is The Badlees secret sauce.

In October 2013, The Badlees released their 10th studio album Epiphones and Empty Rooms. This double disc release of new material highlights the band's complex dulaity. Considering that the bandís career features a couple of major label record deals, radio hits, and national critical acclaim, a true summation of the bandís career won't get the proper attention it deserves in a few paragraphs.

For a complete history on the band, please see the comprehensive profile published by Modern Rock Review.

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